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1.2 What Can Samba Do For Me?

As explained earlier, Samba can help Windows and Unix machines coexist in the same network. However, there are some specific reasons why you might want to set up a Samba server on your network:

You don't want to pay for- or can't afford- a full-fledged Windows NT server, yet you still need the functionality that one provides.

You want to provide a common area for data or user directories in order to transition from a Windows server to a Unix one, or vice versa.

You want to be able to share printers across both Windows and Unix workstations.

You want to be able to access NT files from a Unix server.

Let's take a quick tour of Samba in action. Assume that we have the following basic network configuration: a Samba-enabled Unix machine, to which we will assign the name hydra , and a pair of Windows clients, to which we will assign the names phoenix and chimaera , all connected via a local area network (LAN). Let's also assume that hydra also has a local inkjet printer connected to it, lp , and a disk share named network - both of which it can offer to the other two machines. A graphic of this network is shown in Nautica Faux Indigo Sporty Polo Blue Heather Big Discount Cheap Price Cheap 2018 New Safe Payment bI72f

In this network, each of the computers listed share the same workgroup . A workgroup is simply a group nametag that identifies an arbitrary collection of computers and their resources on an SMB network. There can be several workgroups on the network at any time, but for our basic network example, we'll have only one: the SIMPLE workgroup.

If everything is properly configured, we should be able to see the Samba server, hydra , through the Network Neighborhood of the phoenix Windows desktop. In fact, Figure 1.2 shows the Network Neighborhood of the phoenix computer, including hydra and each of the computers that reside in the SIMPLE workgroup. Note the Entire Network icon at the top of the list. As we just mentioned, there can be more than one workgroup on an SMB network at any given time. If a user clicks on the Entire Network icon, he or she will see a list of all the workgroups that currently exist on the network.

We can take a closer look at the hydra server by double-clicking on its icon. This contacts hydra itself and requests a list of its shares - the file and printer resources- that the machine provides. In this case, there is a printer entitled lp and a disk share entitled network on the server, as shown in Figure 1.3 . Note that the Windows display shows hostnames in mixed case (Hydra). Case is irrelevant in hostnames, so you may see hydra, Hydra, and HYDRA in various displays or command output, but they all refer to a single system. Thanks to Samba, Windows 98 sees the Unix server as a valid SMB server, and can access the network folder as if it were just another system folder.

Metro Schools Work To Close The Discipline Gap Channel 5, Nashville 10/13/16

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AISR News 10/6/16

1-pager: About PASSAGE in Nashville

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, developed by the Oasis Center

Voices in Urban Education No. 42: Sof Sole Fit Series Neutral Arch Insole Black/Green Cheap Outlet Store Outlet Pictures Cheap Best Prices CrMaYuX

VUE 42 article: Zalando Essentials Shorts dark blue 100% Authentic Cheap Online Discount Aaa Collections For Sale houUGyQ

Video: The Handbook: Student Parent Rights Responsibilities, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Metro Nashville Public Schools is taking a look at why African American students are disporportionately subject to much harsher penalties when it comes to discipline. (FROM:WTVF-NASHVILLE, TN) In Breaking the Cycle of Inequitable School Discipline through Community and Civic Collaboration in Nashville , by Tony Majors Tom Ward in Voices in Urban Education No. 42, Annenberg Institute for School Reform

In 2014, AISR implemented an action and learning network in four major urban school districts – New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Nashville – focusing on reducing discipline disparities, promoting positive approaches to school discipline, and transforming school climate and culture.AISR supported district leadership and community partners in establishing a shared table at which they could collaboratively examine the data, programs, policies, and practices that contribute to discipline disparities and design and implement interventions to address the issues and create a more positive, not punitive, school climate.

The major goals were:

Alethea Frazier Raynor alethea_raynor@brown.edu

Partners and Funders:

The Schott Foundation for Public Education The Atlantic Philanthropies

Creating Safe Passage: Collaborative Approaches to Equitable School Discipline Reform (VUE 42)
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Safety with Dignity: Alternatives to the Over-Policing of Schools
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Annenberg Institute for School Reform Brown University 383 Benefit Street Providence, RI 02903-2923





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